Got Questions? We Got Answers!

How Do I Place a Catering Order for My Party at Showtime Bowl

  1. The first thing you need to do is get in touch with Showtime Bowl to reserve and pay for your lanes and party room (if you are going to use the party room). You can call Showtime Bowl at 706.548.1028  or visit them at their website,, to get more information about having your party at Showtime Bowl in Athens.
  2. Next, take a look at the 11th Pin Catering Menu and our extra cold Beverage Menu. You can look over what’s on the menu online or even download a copy to take with you. Decide what your favorites are. Don’t worry too much about knowing exactly how much. We’ve got a handle on this and we know what questions to ask to help you figure all that out!
  3. Once you decide when you will be having your party, then we need to hear from you. We need 5 days notice for BBQ orders and 3 days for everything else. And if you’re the type that plans way ahead, then we love you even more.
  4. Call us anytime 770 820 9589 or complete our online information form. We’re ready to answer all your questions and make certain your party goes off without a hitch — food-wise that is 🙂

What Should I Expect When We Get There?

  1. The biggest question we get is “Can we eat at the lanes?” And the answer is a resounding “YES! You can eat at your lanes“. There are bistro style tables above the lanes for extra seating and munching while viewing the game. But there is also room in your lane area to place some snack food and drinks so  you don’t have to reach too far while hard at play.
  2. If you’re the lucky host or hostess then you’ve got a lot happening on party day! We get it!  So at 11th Pin, it’s important to us that you  don’t waste time worrying about having extra hands or even serving supplies. We will gladly bring your food to you and set up your party room or lane with plates, cups, utensils. It’s that easy. Really.
  3. So you have that one party member who doesn’t like anything on the table. Or maybe you need just a few more wings to keep the party going…. It’s all good. Because you can order regular size food and drink orders from our regular menu, anytime while you are there and we will simply add it to your tab.
  4. Got Veggie? GF?  You betcha! We’ve got a veggie burger on the menu for our vegetarian pals.  And for those watching the carbs or who need a gluten free option, you can go bunless with our burgers; just ask.  Not to mention, the wings, fries, nachos, popcorn and bunless bbq are all gluten free!